About Bronto MTB Co.

Thanks for checking out Bronto. We are a mountain bike company based out of Central Oregon. That means we’re lucky enough to ride some of the best trails on this little round planet, but we love to share our trails and also ride new trails here and there.

With (seemingly) a million years of bicycle industry and framebuilding experience, we know what we like to ride and what rides well. We embrace both flowy and technical. Fruita and North Shore. Scotland and Verbier. Basically if it has two-wheels and is human-powered it’s ok.

Todd is a long-time Jedi Master welder of many things, including steel frames. Being a former rodeo rider makes him tough as nails.

David has a purple belt in marketing and sales and did his first mountain bike race in 1989. Is also a former employee of the Rainier Brewing Company.

See you on the trail soon!

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Todd the Jedi Master Welder

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