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Wes Meyer, known to many as the Borg for his endless list of borg-like qualities, first touched his Bronto the night before the NUT.  Completely new bike, new geometry, new everything, and we were embarking on a mission from high above to ride 80 miles of the best singletrack in the universe.  The only “test ride” was doing manuals next to the van while we were waiting for cars to assemble.  Needless to say, he did just fine.  But a little history is in order.

A nihilist when it comes to anything except car motors and espresso machines (yes, the irony is deep), we can safely say that this is the nicest bike the Borg has owned or ridden in quite some time.  Which is not to say he doesn’t have a soft spot for bikes – he has an old Davidson road frame he refuses to retire, and a couple old WTB frames.  But mostly he’s content to ride ironically uncool bikes well.  Paradigm change – now he has a sexy Bronto.

But special note must be given to the NUT preparation.  Few people could pull off coordinating a shuttle and camping adventure for 14 people – big white van, 16-foot trailer, food, and 2 grills.

Yes, pround Bronto owner number 11-ish.  Wes Meyer.  On a sexy Brown Bronto.