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With our “launch” rapidly approaching, we’re now got all our head badges, decals, and paint in house.  And more importantly, we’ve put them on beautiful steel frames.  The result?  Gorgeousness, that’s what!

First, there’s black and gold.  You know this one.  She was our first.  Gold accents and logos on matte black.  Our very first Brontos were painted in this way, and you just can’t go wrong with matte black.  A little bit of gold just makes it all better.

Next is maybe my favorite, the rusty copper.  Amazingly this thing looks  terrible until you put the clear coat on.  Then it looks like a million dollars.  Hot!  This baby comes with blue decals and accents.

Then we come to the blue.  Ah, the blue.  It’s a medium sparkly blue.  Imagine smurfs on acid and skinny dipping in a swimming pool filled with glitter.  Blue and Silver are friends.

And Brown.  Bronto Brown.  With light brown decals. This one here is going to Wes.  Is he even worthy?  It’s not chocolate, it’s not root beer.  It’s Bronto.

Finally is our white white, with red accents.  Gloss white.  Pure. This one here it Todd’s and with a white Fox fork on there it’s going to look better than probably any bike you’ve ever seen.

So that’s our pallette!  We’ll have some swatches up very soon on the website.  We think we made some pretty ok looking bikes.