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March 2010

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The Shop

Here are some scenes from the Bronto Bike workshop.  Todd has completely transformed this place over the last 2 years and now it is pretty dialed. Complete with big old-school speakers and a turntable.  This is where TG welds up all our handmade steel mountain bikes.

The Bronto Bike Workshop

Like all good welding shops, it has a sizeable collection of vinyl records, a half-empty box of donuts, a lathe, a kegerator, a CNC machine, a couple of drill presses, and some empty beer cans.

Here is Todd’s wall of tubes.

The first Bronto was up on the jig.  A beautiful single speed 29er.  We mitered some of the tubes, put in some water bottle mounts, and did a little bit of welding.

Smooth like Billy Dee Williams.  Oh and we cannot forget the shop dog! Protecting the shop from Belgians, Jesse was ever-vigilant.


Here’s Todd in some pretty sweet shots of him in action.  What can I say, the guy is a surgeon.  A surgeon of molten metal.  Well it sounds cool anyway.

What you don’t get here though is the full effect of some old James Brown vinyl queued up.

Bronto is now officially underway. David stopped by the shop the other day to take part in the birth of the first Bronto 29er .  Time to pay some debts to the people who have been aiding our dreams of getting Bronto up and running. As you can tell I am better at welding than formatting WordPress. Bear with me while I muddle through my first post.

Rainier beer and Voodoo Doughnuts seemed to sprout from the walls upon Davids arrival. I mastered no fewer than 3 rather large donuts in less than an hour. Beers went down quite slowly at first but not nearly as slow as David. Someone sent him South in pretty bad shape. He was trying to sleep in a shop chair by 7 P.M. but I managed to keep him going with the sounds of Fabrication and the promise of progress. In a day, we took a pile of tubes and some numbers on paper and gave them a purpose: To become an instrument in the shredding of single-track. Buff trails beware.

Todd started building the first Bronto, a 29er single speed.  We are still custom-bending the stays and have a few adjustments to make but we are out of the gates!!