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April 2010

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A Road Race

Living in the small, muddy country of Belgium, I do get the opportunity to check out some pretty big bike races.  And while we all may have our doubts about the ethics of the sport…it’s still a good spectacle.  There’s something cool about watching 200 cyclists flow through country roads.

And then you get to the part where, after 200 kilometers, they have to race up a hill that most men could only walk  up.

It’s a totally ok way to spend a day.  Much enhanced also if you have access to any of the fine Belgian beers.  At the Phillipe Gilbert fan club, they were pouring Primus.  Maxime Monfort’s club, on the other hand, was serving Lachouffe.  Score one for Monfort!

It’s certainly not as wonderful as devouring some tasty bit of singletrack, and I’m sure by mid-July I’ll be sick to the gills of road racing, but all in all a good day.  Next weekend – Houffalize world cup XC!