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July 2010

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With our “launch” rapidly approaching, we’re now got all our head badges, decals, and paint in house.  And more importantly, we’ve put them on beautiful steel frames.  The result?  Gorgeousness, that’s what!

First, there’s black and gold.  You know this one.  She was our first.  Gold accents and logos on matte black.  Our very first Brontos were painted in this way, and you just can’t go wrong with matte black.  A little bit of gold just makes it all better.

Next is maybe my favorite, the rusty copper.  Amazingly this thing looks  terrible until you put the clear coat on.  Then it looks like a million dollars.  Hot!  This baby comes with blue decals and accents.

Then we come to the blue.  Ah, the blue.  It’s a medium sparkly blue.  Imagine smurfs on acid and skinny dipping in a swimming pool filled with glitter.  Blue and Silver are friends.

And Brown.  Bronto Brown.  With light brown decals. This one here is going to Wes.  Is he even worthy?  It’s not chocolate, it’s not root beer.  It’s Bronto.

Finally is our white white, with red accents.  Gloss white.  Pure. This one here it Todd’s and with a white Fox fork on there it’s going to look better than probably any bike you’ve ever seen.

So that’s our pallette!  We’ll have some swatches up very soon on the website.  We think we made some pretty ok looking bikes.

So we’ve been working on this and that for quite some time.  A couple things we wanted to do, in order to make the bikes sexier than that girl from the transformers movie.  Finally, we are just about done with our new Trail 29er frame platform – sweet!

Now, in my sales/marketing brain, it’s really easy to whip one of these up.  In reality, ’tis not the case.  It took us a good 3 months to get that beautiful head tube dialed.  We wanted something oversized and sexy.  Nothing says sexy like oversized.  Then we got our tube bending machine so we could offer more fork crown clearance on the down tubes.  Pretty radical!

Todd, being the genius that he has sometimes been rumored to be, used a stainless steel sleeve to join the bent tube with a fancy and light-weight Platinum OX down tube.  Deluxe!

Lots and lots of measuring and adjusting CAD drawings and bending and cutting and more.  Of course Todd, being the complete selfish bastard that he is, makes one for himself first!!!!  I guess that’s fair though.  I have Bronto 0001.  Anyway, things continue to get betterer.  More good stuff coming.

First off I got up at FIVE A.M., dressed my lazy ass, and hit my target heart rate for longer than I would have cared to pre-coffee. Then I welded a modest version of a bike frame whilst watching two kids, a dog/cat and five adolescent chickens. Good times.

Pretty OK

Later in the day I started to hear music emanating from the park below the hill I live on. Country music no less. Come to find out it is Bo Bice of American Idol fame.

Sweet. Seriously. Mona (my daughter) decided that we needed to attend the show…. as a family. I had to attend (not before I pre-lubricated though). BO. I barely watch T.V. out of principle yet here I am unable to avoid the fall-out of a T.V. “superstar”.

I love my little girl so I rolled. I didn’t take a real camera or have my total wits about me but something caught my eye straight away like a mural of an eagle and an AK-47 and the words “Freedom Isn’t Free” as the quotation. Get really fat here!I Loved Twinkies as a young shit in Idaho but soon found that as a wrestler, they weren’t good for dropping weight and I stopped eating them all together. Too bad because if I hadn’t stopped I might have found before now that as this “food Vendor” states, they actually come deep fried AND, AND vegetarian friendly no less! “Why did I give up on them?”, I asked myself. “WHY”?!!!!! It’s not like they don’t make vests for larger people.

Life/form® 20-lb. Body Fat Vest

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The Torch.

We have orders in the queue and lots of production photos up on Flickr.  Check’em out!


Lots of new improvements going on in the shop, the tube bender is up and running and bending tubes.  Fancy new head tubes.  Stainless steel bits.  New brake gussets.  Busy!

Here’s a weld on a nearly-completed frame.  So tight.  Clean.  Beautiful.

Here’s a head tube cluster.  Weldy weldy.  We’re happy to announce that lead times are stretching a bit.  Not impossible, but a wee bit.  As long as we never have a 5 year waiting list it should be ok.

That’s right, Bronto has an official and exclusive dealer for all of Benelux – Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.   Gino Vervecken of Chaos Bikes in Kwaadmechelen (Ham).  Now, I think it’s pretty cool that our first European dealer is in a town called Ham.  There’s nothing wrong with ham.  It would only be better if was called Bacon.  Or Beer.

But I digress.  Gino is a little bit in love with Todd’s welds and that’s how we like it.  He’s going to have 2 models on the floor and be riding one himself on the mighty trails of Belgium.  Awesome!  Look for a potential Bronto party at Gino’s shop sometime in the future: http://www.chaos-carbon.com/

Aside from being a pretty ok guy, he’s also a superb wheel builder, repairs carbon frames himself, and knows how to ride a bike.

Now, for those of you who don’t remember Gino, he’s the guy that almost died in the desert last September…

Which teaches us all a lesson – if you’re going to take Belgians into the desert, bring extra water.

Thanks Gino and Diny!

Todd got a tool to bend the disc brake gusset between the chain and seat stay.  Looks pretty righteous now!

Then he went outside and took another picture of it…

Looks even better!  Pretty cool what we can do in the shop.  We are working on a bunch of different things to make the bikes look even betterer.  Down tubes, head tubes, decals, masking….we’re definitely keeping busy.

Todd being productive.  I suppose he wouldn’t have sent it had he known I was going to blog the shit out of it.  Let’s hope those whiskers are photoshopped in!!

Our man Troy has been busy again…this time with some super sexy T-shirt designs.

These are going into production soon with the help of Todd G (other Todd G) at twentytwoclothing.com

Someday we might even have a soft goods shopping page…

Some future designs also from the maestro: