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September 2010

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After a month-long tussle with the nitpicky Belgian customs officials……. Gino at Chaos Carbon has received his fleet of Bronto bikes!!!  One more still to arrive but basically there will be one of each model on the floor.  Hot!

A Blue Bon, a white/red Reverend, and a white/gold custom color for Gino’s personal bike.   Seems we forgot some documentation with the package so they sat with the tax man for a while…but we got ‘em through.  Watch out for Belgian Bronto party and events coming up! 

Check out our exclusive Benelux dealer for inquiries: http://www.chaos-carbon.com/

Thanks Gino!

Diaries from the trail, The Borg writes: So far the Bronto likes the heat.

The annual REI post-Interbike trail junket is yet again underway.  No Bronto staff representation, but  there’s a brown Reverend out there.  They’ve now made their way down to Sedona…mmmmm….the trails in Sedona….

Wesley’s Bronto has seen singletrack now in 5 states – OR, WA, NV, UT, and AZ.  After the NUT and some local WA riding, the REI crew drove down to the south of Utah and rocked Gooseberry Mesa, among others.  Are we jealous?  Maybe yes.

Apparently there’s a story floating out there that the brown Reverend unknowingly fell off the back of the big white van with nobody noticing.  It sat in the road for a while, but when they came back and found it, it was intact!  Sadly no photo evidence yet to support this…

But there is some fruity attempt at photo art with an iphone camera!

Anybody who knows anything about Belgian mountain biking knows that, well, it’s no Oakridge.  Trails are straight and flat, or, if in historically famous mtb locations like Houffalize, they are run straight up and down the hillsides.  Yawn….  Yep, it’s a racer’s world here, and there is no carbon Bronto with bar ends coming any time soon.

Still, we keep hope.   We continue to ride in new places…there MUST be something out there.  And last Sunday we found it.  Alex and I hit an organized ride down just south of Liege.  I had done this event 4 years ago and was not impressed.  But this time…HOLY CRAP…absolutely fantastic.

In fact, easily the best mtb ride I’ve done in Belgium, and an epic ride in any country.  I was too lazy to remove the 20T freewheel from my Bronto, but that would prove to be a good thing – hugemongous climbs that were steep, rocky, and technical.  Yes!!!

And what goes up…you know how it goes.  I’ve done rides here where you climb up a brutal little beast, only to end up riding down a paved road (so sad…).  Not this time.  The first gambit was a steep, rocky section that was tricky…and then turned steeper and ran down a running stream.  The Bronto Willy was spot-on all day long.  Climbing like a machine, and man-handling whatever descent got in its way.

 This was the mountain biking of old, that I remember from the 80s.  The whole day was like this – big gnarly climbs, and tricky descents, dotted with fantastic views.  And like all Belgian events, there were food tents with drink and waffles.  All for 4 euros. 

Yes, riding like in the 80s in the US…and some of our fellow riders were actually stuck in the past, there was no shortage of v-brakes, canitlevers, hydraulic rim brakes, and 63mm suspension forks…one guy even had a kickstand on, never know when it might come in handy I suppose.  But run what you brung, these guys were out there mixing it up.

It’s been a hectic last few weeks.  The Torch was officiating at a wedding, out east in Vermont of all places.  As for myself, I’ve been running all over to trade shows and what not.  Needless to say things have been a bit crazy.  But building continues, and now we are officially back.  In the inbox today was a couple photos from Bronto owner The Borg on a recent trip to Whidbey Island:

Always nice to have people sending in pics of their Brontos and since the sun doesn’t shine all that often in Washington state, this in particular is a pretty one.  The Borg also sent in a zoom of the irresistable head badge:

So, sorry for the radio silence.  Gears are shifting, we’re working on a couple marketing initiatives and have an ad rolling soon in Dirt Rag.  Soon we will be using $100 bills for toilet paper and plumbing our shop with Kristal.  Or something like that.