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October 2010

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Our good friends in Japan, JP Sports, have been cleaning it up with Brontos.  So far since June they’ve ordered 8 Brontos!  Recently they held their open house for dealers in Japan and drummed up some more interest.

Next time you’re rocking some sweet Japanese singletrack you might run into a Bronto!  And if you run into this one, you’ll see it coming from far away…

Pinker than pink

Yes, Japanese consumers like to get their own special thing, and this guy had his heart set on a “shocking pink” ride.  We were happy to oblige.  Pretty sweet set-up with brand new XTR, Fox fork, fancy DT Swiss wheels etc.

Anyway we think it’s pretty cool.  Todd just coated up a tan one…pics coming soon.  Now that we have a verifiable excuse to go to Japan, look for Bronto Japan-Fest 2011!

Within days of showing up, David Greenberg had it built up and was out on the trails.  He snapped us a couple pics of a beautiful Utah autumn with a shiny new Bronto about to get dirty.

Purty leaves

Thanks David!

The Sick Puke 101010

Pre-Ride Meeting

It all started with a simple email from a lawyer in Olympia known as the “deal breaker”. He request that I join him and some friends to ride a mystery ride aptly named the Ride Sick Puke 101010. He said that this was going to be an epic ride. It is very hard to say “no” to a mountain bike ride. So of course, I said yes!  For me, it was the last big ride of the year.

The six-annual Sick Puke 101010 mountain bike adventure took place on October 10, 2010 at 8 AM.  It is a loosely organized sick singletrack adventure through the back woods called the Capitol Forest near Olympia Washington. The Capitol Forest is riddled with hundreds of miles of singletrack, logging roads, ORV trails, illegal gun ranges and the occasional meth lab. The route covered a distance of 44 miles, which is a long way on a mountain bike.

A Muddy Bronto Reverend 29er on the Summit of Rock Candy Mountain.

It consisted of a mixture of singletrack, ORV trails, logging roads, 3 mountain top finishes and 12,000 vertical feet of climbing. The event even had some support, which consisted of a truck and trailer that was equipped with a portable generator, fire pit, A DeLonghi espresso machine, hot soup, tasty treats and bike tools to fix any trail induced mechanical issues.

Based on the ride description, I needed a light weight and fast rolling bicycle for the task at hand. So I decided to roll the Bronto Reverend 29er. It was perfect for the challenge. Unfortunately, the weather took a major turn for the worse.  Over 2 inches of rain fell the day before and night before the ride. As a result, the trails turned in to a soggy mess. An estimated 25 plus riders showed up for the ride. They say the puddles in the Capitol Forest can be bottomless and it was true.  These adverse conditions didn’t deter the Rev from performing her best.  In fact, the Rev performed like a rock star!

The Route

Overall, the ride was a blast and I am also completely sold on the 29er revolution. When the final Sick Puke ride numbers were tallied, we logged almost 9 hours on the bike including some short stoppage time for food, shots of espresso and some minor mechanical issues such as flats tires and the occasional occurrence of chain suck. Distance wise, we covered 48 miles due to making a few wrong turns.  From a vertical perspective, we climbed 11,240 vertical feet and consumed 9,600 calories.  Not bad for a hard day in the saddle. – IMP

Mark and Mike Sipping a Freshly Brewed Espresso.

Happy Grins On The Summit of Capitol Peak.

The Meat Wagon

The Gang

Rider In The Storm

At long last….Belgian customs released the last frame…for an absurd amount of money.  Gino’s handmade, steel Bronto is free!!

And it’s a hot and sexy one – custom white with gold.  Yes, 6 weeks after sending…we find the box in a dusty corner of the local post office, and a year’s supply of beer-money in duty to get it out.  Ouch!  But, doing our part to support a King and millions of freeway lights makes us proud!

This is Gino’s personal bike, it’ll be sitting on the floor with the other two Bronto at Chaos most of the time, ripping Belgian trails on the few occasions when they are dry.  So all you Beneluxers, head down to Ham and check out Gino’s shop!!!  We have a fleet of Brontos on the floor!