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January 2011

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David Greenberg reports in after a recent trip to southern Utah.  And sent us some more awesome photos that remind us it that wherever he is riding is less muddy than either Oregon or Belgium.   Damn you rain!

So at the end of last week, to my great surprise, I found out I had Monday off due to MLK day. Sweet.

Courtney had to work all weekend/Monday and cut me loose to “do what I want.” Double sweet.

As it turns out, St.George, in Southern Utah, was predicting 60+ degree sunny days and newly dried trails. Triple sweet.

So I bombed down there early Sunday morning for a two day winter training camp with the Rev.

Did back-to-back 3 hour rides covering Barrel trail, Bearclaw Poppy, Church Rocks, Dino Cliffs, Prospector and several connecting dirt roads.

The riding conditions were excellent, trails were dry and the sun was throwing down the Vit.D.

Some of the rocky technical stuff had me and the Rev on the ropes, but once I turned him loose on the flowie-flow, he got to preachin’. It was fine, real fine.

Great trails. Will definitely head back later in the spring. Wasn’t able to ride around Hurricane, those trails hadn’t dried out yet.

Attached are a few shots from the weekend.

Hope everyone is surviving the winter.


Logging into the Bronto Blog page, I see it’s been a shockingly long time since we tapped at the keyboard here.  The snow and holidays are long gone, it’s the 2nd half of January, and I’ve just put in only my second ride of the year.  But, sometimes slow starts lead to great things.

For the umpteenth time, I’ve decided to “do some racing” this year…now that’s not exactly a clearly established goal, and lord knows I’ve said those exact words before, only to find myself in November wondering where the year went.  But this year, I think it’s going to be different.  Case in point – I’ve stopped (at least temporarily) bitching about the mud and have learned to wash my bike.  Painful, but necessary.  And, I’m registered for both the Euro and the World single speed championships…ok those aren’t exactly races, but some level of fitness is required.

So, Bronto rider/racer Peter and I decided to go put in some “base miles” last weekend.  There was a MTB ride-event in nearby Tessenderlo, and the last time I did this one about 4 years ago, it had some pretty fun trails.  Potentially a good day to sit in the saddle for 3-4 hours as the rain had stopped for days and spin the legs.  PT was on his brand new, just built Reverend, full of shiny new 2011 XTR and foam grips - this was to be his innagural ride.  And a good ride it was – lots of pretty ok trails for the first 2 hours.  A little boring after that but the year’s first real training sufficiently completed.  2011 watch out…