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February 2011

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Let me start by saying, I still have yet to finish all my show preparations! The countdown is killing me! Lots to think about and lots to do. Logistics are key. I need to thank my buddy Eli for letting us ship stuff to his house in Austin. Dude you kick ass. Also Ivan at FSA for just being Ivan. Bad Ass Dude. The Hive for their ChUb.

The Hive

Great products. You will see a lot of their stuff in our booth because they are Rad fellas. Gotta deal with dudes who are lookin out for ya. Joe at Seattle Bike Supply, for instance, is always trying to get the small builder prices that help our bottom line. Important when you need to eat and pay for the electric.

Now for product, Bronto will be bring a race 29er with chainstays that are in line with their 26er cousins. Just a scooch under 17″. Really tight. Now you can climb like you want to on your geared 29er. NO Compromising. Douggie T. will be racing this bad boy as part of our Bronto Pleasure Squad. Real dudes ride Bronto and the ladies know it.

17" 29er Stays. Geared. Period.

We are also shaking up the tree with an all mountain hardtail in the mix. The Paycheck.


Graffix brought to you by Kung Fu himself. Dude grinds coffee by hand… well nearly by hand…. well OK, after he grinds it by machine but still hardcore. Really Hooking Bronto up too. You rock Troy.

We Believe in Rigid (Despite the fact that I am a new convert). Bronto is bringing two rigid MTBs down. With our new UDO forks in force. Style is key if you are rollin rigid. Bring it.


Lots to do as I said but I just wanted to touch base.

The Torch