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September 2011

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I sit here writing this with 77F/25C degree weather beating down on me, the irony being that this is the warmest day we’ve had all year, and we are officially in autumn now.  Europe had a shit summer, no two ways about it.

But oh what a summer it was for the Bronto Pleasure Squad.  In just our first full season of racing we had some of the most exciting racing adventures all across the globe.  We won races.  We broke stuff.  We laughed, we cried. 

Starting out over on the Europe side of the Atlantic, we had the Tachelet brothers setting out on a season of adventure riding, starting with the Trans-Belgium.  Yes, the mighty Trans-Belgium, not to be confused with the Trans-Alps, Trans-Rockies, or Trans-anything else.  After all, none of those silly girl’s races have you crossing an entire country in one straight shot!  Alas, our team’s hopes were dashed in the last 50km by thunderstorms and lightning.  Not to be deterred, they crossed the English channel (by boat) and competed in the Trans-Wales, a 7-day slog through the rolling Welsh hills.

Lefty Bronto battles on in Wales

After starting conservatively, the Tachelet bros moved up the GC throughout the race, eventually winning the final stage and taking 3rd overall in the final classification.  Nice job guys!


Meanwhile, in more traditional XC racing, local Belgian pro Ben Berden was getting his Bronto on while preparing for the cyclocross season.  He competed in the Belgacom Flanders Cup, MTB City Challenge, and more.  At one time leading the City Challenge series (think of a crit through cobbled streets with stunts, on a mtb).  Ben eventually won the Limburg Province championship to cap off a nice and consistent season.  Nice job Ben!

Ben mixing it up on his Belgian Blue Bronto

And then to cap off the season – SSWC.  In Ireland.  Which, by the way, is a very long drive from Belgium.  No fewer than 3 Brontos congregated in middle-of-nowhere, Ireland, to partake in this year’s edition.  Including 2 brand spanking new fully rigid single speeds with couplers, thanks to Josh and Christine!  And while the weather and very poor beer selection was a sucker punch to the gut, the people, town, and above all the course were fantastic.  Super fun riding, good times.  Next year – SSWC 2012 South Africa!

Yes, we actually did this

So that’s all from Europe, now it’s cyclocross and we are getting our Stoemper on!  Next up – report from our USA racing.