Handemade Steel Mountain Bikes

The Blog Lives!!

Apologies for the long radio silence.  The workshop has been running full steam for a while now and, well, blogging as fallen to the wayside.  But plenty has been going on.  A little re-cap is in order:

Todd has been pumping out sexy new Brontos in record speed.  So fast that they get out the door before we have a chance to photo them up properly.  Here’s a new blue one that went to Texas.  Blue!

Texan Bronto

This week we’re finishing a couple complete Reverend bikes, one going to MANITOBA, Canada, the other one taking its maiden voyage at the fabulous Mountain Bike Oregon event this weekend in Oakridge, OR – where Todd will be a guide, drinking free beer and bombing down shuttled singletrack runs all weekend.  Bastard.

Meanwhiles, over in Europe, the Bronto Pleasure Squad (EU Crew) has been tearing it up on the dirt.  The Tachelet Brothers recently took their shot at the Trans-Belgium, a one-day event that lasts something like 20 hours.  Yuck.  Next up is the Trans-Wales event in August.  Meanwhile Ben Berden has been racing week-in, week-out.  From the Belgacom MTB Cup to the City MTB Challenge.  Nice to hear Belgian fans yell out “steel is real!” as he rides by.  His rig is of course tres tres Euro: Dugast tubulars, bar ends, 26″ wheels:

Super Euro

A mini Bronto-fest strategery meeting was recently held in Portland, OR.  Needless to say, the morning after heads were a-hurtin’, but that didn’t stop us from riding 3+ hours of world-class singletrack on Surveyor’s Ridge, above Hood River, OR.  Good times.

Bronto Garden

And if that’s all not enough, we’re just getting our road and cross project off the ground: www.stoemper.com If you like Bronto but want a cross or road bike, check it out!  Lots more Stoemper love coming soon.