Handemade Steel Mountain Bikes

What it’s all about

We haven’t been blogging much recently.  In our dreams that’s because we’ve been mountain biking all the time.  But then that would give us something to blog about.  No, it’s been damn busy in the shop, between building Brontos and Stoemper cross and road bikes.  So in fact we haven’t done much of any riding at all.

my baby

Every cyclist has these moments every now and then – so much time off the bike that it starts to eat away at you, and pretty soon you find the only thing you can do to fix the situation is to go do a monster ride.  So I threw my Willy into the car, still with the caked-on mud from the last ride months ago, and went out for a big solo ride.

It should only take one muddy ride in the winter to convince you that a single speed is the way to go, and I was glad I had mine.  It was a mudfest – hard packed trails with a slippery layer of goo on top which made corners treacherous.  But soon the experience and instinct kicked in and I could ride the tires to just about the slip point and make it through.  I believe in physics that’s called the coefficient of friction.  And as if second nature, just shifting of the weight and position and you could still go into corners plenty hot and make it out ok.  No crashes on the day.  Different than summer riding, but still awesome.

Obsessing with small details like this brought home why mountain biking is about the funnest thing I can do – it amazes me that you can have so much fun on two wheels.  Sorry roadies, there ain’t no road ride that can compare with a good trail ride.  It’s physical, it’s technical and demands focus, you always continue to develop skills, and you can leave all those thoughts and worries about the real world behind.

So yeah…we get a little teary eyed here sometimes about mountain biking.  But for good reason.  It’s what we do and quite frankly I’d rather not imagine a world without singletrack and knobby tires.