Handemade Steel Mountain Bikes

A 5-Bronto ride

A recent trip to Seattle and a morning ride on Grand Ridge led to a Bronto convention of sorts.  The parking lot in Issaquah was the convergence point for GG on his new Bronto, web guru Matt on his brown Willy, and Matt’s bro Mark on his shiny white Reverend.  Rain had subsided and trail conditions were just about perfect.

GG finds a bike his size

Grand Ridge to Duthie has to be one of the great rides near urban centers.  Fantastic singletrack, maintained by the good folks at Evergreen MTB Alliance, climbs up out of downtown Issaquah to Duthie trail center – a clover-leaf shaped network of all-season, all-weather trails that have features for all skill levels.  Climbing up, doing the full Duthie circuit, and then coming back down an alternate descent can be a solid 2-4 hour, skill-testing day.

Borgs sr and jr

There used to be a nasty bog in the middle of Grand Ridge that was year-round yuck, but that’s been completely replaced by a volunteer-built bridge that is a good 150 feet long.  All praise the volunteeer trail buidlers!

Up at Duthie we ran into the Borg on his Brown Reverend, and it was the first meeting ever of 5 Brontos on one single ride.  We ripped around the Duthie cloverleaf and pedaled on up to Soaring Eagle, another network of tight, choppy singletrack.  Unfortunately – there was a running race on the trails and we left the runners to their trails after just a few miles and pedaled back down to Duthie.  From there it was back down Grand Ridge and off to burritos.  A good day.