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The Craft

There are lots of beautiful, hand-made steel frames available, but we think ours are some of the best. Why is a Bronto frame better than most other steel frames? Here are a few reasons:

First, we tig-weld our frames. No lugs here, this is steel as it should be, welded together to make a physical bond at extremely high temperatures. Todd Gardner has been welding since nearly the dawn of time and keeps his welds tighter than tight. No smoothing here.

Second, we search far and wide for the best tubes available. This is hard and painstaking, but the ride quality should be just so. We custom bend our own seat and chain stays. We order custom-drawn tubes when necessary. We use mostly True Temper Platinum OX cause we think it’s the best for a mountain bike hard tail. Before mounting tubes on the jig and mitering, the tube cutting is a meticulous job to make sure the fit is as tight and perfect as possible. This results in a stronger, longer-lasting frame for you.

We also argon-purge our frames. This adds a whole lot of $$ to the process, but it prolongs the life of the frame and makes the inside of the tubes clean and smooth.

The process is long and labor-intensive. We can make about 2 frames a week, that involves custom-turning each head tube and bottom bracket on our lathe, cutting each tube, mitering, welding, and powder coating. We do all of these steps ourselves and in-house.

The result is a beautiful, hand-built, singletrack-gobbling mountain bike frame. We feel that every Bronto is individual and is built to make you smile on the trail. Drop us a line, or come and see our shop and ride some of our local trails.

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