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Brand new from Bronto - bad-ass cromo forks!

Todd has been toiling all summer and most of autumn on our new chromoly mountain bike fork and it is now finished. Not only is it finished, it looks like a million dollars. We went with a segmented fork crown design, it feels Bronto, looks tough as nails, and harkens back to the days of Fat Chance. Straight-bladed chrome-moly tubes are welded to hooded dropouts for a super tight axle interface and extremely lively feel on the trail. We've been rocking these forks on both sides of the globe and we can assure you that they are the real deal.

Tech Info:

These bad boys are available in both 26 and 29" - choose your poison. They are available separately in matte black, or matching your frame when you order them together. Handmade in Springfield, Oregon.

Fork lengths are suspension corrected for 80, 100, or 120mm.

Fork Geometry

Fork Geometry



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