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Our geared 29er, the Reverend, will have you seeing the light. Big steel tubes, big room for tires, big wheels, and a little derailleur hanger sticking off the end. 29ers are fantastic, you can ride them just about anywhere. Rocky and technical? Check. Smooth and flowy? Check. Just stay away from dirt jumping.

We have a fantastic geometry - due to the combination of large wheels, short fork, and long-ish wheelbase, 29ers are surprisingly versatile. This bike will feel just at home on the starting line as it does on big alpine descents. It embraces the flow of Hurricane and the rocky madness of Gooseberry Mesa.

Like the Bon, you can order the Reverend AC-DC if you want to switch back and forth between single and geared.


Reverend for gears: $1499   |    Reverend AC-DC: $1799

Frame Geometry and Color Options:

Frame Geometry  Color Options

Technical Questions and Order Inquiries:

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